Personal Energy Transportation
PET Zambia
The Free Gift of Mobility
PET Zambia builds hundreds of PETs each year and freely gives them to disabled people. This gift of mobility is for men, women, and children affected by polio, cystic fibrosis, land-mine accidents, birth defects and other forms of accidents that have rendered their legs useless. Other PET affiliates are now serving in over 90 countries around the developing world. The gift of mobility is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give. We estimate the need is over 100,000 people right here in Zambia. We have sent PETs to D.R.Congo, Zimbabwe, Malawi and soon Angola. 

Application and Memorandum form are required by PET Zambia recipients. These need to be filled out and signed. 

It has been a real blessing to be involved with this outreach. Every PET recipient’s life is changed immediately! It is a real joy to help them be transformed from being an outcast in society to a person with dignity and a means to become an independent member of their families and community. 

PET Zambia is a sponsorship program. It cost $100 to build a PET here in Zambia. If you would like to be personally be involved and support this wonderful outreach of mobility to the most needy in central Africa you can do this online with the link below! If you would like more information please contact us!


PET Zambia is located

New Life Center

Plot Nº 1 Kwacha Road • Garneton, Zambia

CONTACT in Zambia

Rev. Delbert Groves            Cell: 260-966-901999


Josephine Mbilishi               Cell: 260-977-789852



  Joe Harless                         Cell: 813-546-6601       


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