Rev. Delbert & Sandy Groves

Delbert & Sandy Groves are the founders of the United Methodist New Life Center in Zambia. They have been serving in Zambia since 2000. Before that they served in the neighboring country of D.R.Congo / Zaire since 1991. They are commissioned Global Ministries of United Methodist missionaries and members of the Florida UMC Annual Conference. They have four sons now residing in the USA. They love the work God has called them to and they’re deeply thankful for the opportunity to serve God, the  church, and the people of Zambia, Africa.

You can find other biographic information about us at  this Link.

Through the years, along with all the Updates  you can find on this website, we have seen and had special moments we’ve tried to record. If you would like to see read about these, click: Stories.    
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